• Xin Silu discount women's clothing brand sources?
  • A second-tier brand inventory, offers dozens of brands of supply wholesale women's fashion style, avant-garde, each quarter, and will take part at the lowest wholesale discount.
  • Suitable types of customers
  • There do brand awareness clothing shop owner; and garment display and sales experience; looking for stable high-quality low-priced women's clothing supply.

     Garments Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Xin Silu focus on brand women's wholesale trade inventories more than ten years, is located in China and the Chinese women's brand base window opening city - Shenzhen. Provide long-term brand Fossil apparel wholesale, wholesale inventories women, Potter wholesale brand discount wholesale clothing inven....

  • Twelve years of industry experience
  • Focus on women's brand wholesale trade inventories twelve years, with four or five-person team.
  1. A wide variety of brands
  2. Collection of Hong Kong products, brought together nearly a thousand domestic and foreign brands of eight factions formed a strategic alliance to make your one-stop sourcing a variety of brands.
Contact:Wang Mr (Wang Mr)
Cell phone:13728683517
Tel: 0755-28319754
Address:1, 3rd Floor, Longgang District, Shenzhen Silver Street Road Prudential Dutch industrial zone
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